Howick Historical Village Trip

For this activity we created a collage of Howick Historical Village.We first got all separated into 3 groups and got to do some activitys like Butter making,Building Trolleys, A tour around and also learning about the 1800s.For my group our first activity was butter making and what we did for butter making was that we had a cream to make the butter.Our first step was to put the cream into a a glass bottle, then we used this one paddle that used to make butter in the 1800s.While we were mixing it there was a rhyme that goes like ¨Churn butter churn (Someones Name) waiting at the gate, waiting for some butter cake churn butter churn¨Then we had a little look around the place and also learning history in the 1800s,we also explored and experience the houses and looked at the boards that was giving us infomation about what the houses and there was not just houses there was a church, school and also bulding places like wood for men back then.Our last activity was Building Trolleys.What we did first was we learnt infomation about what we will be building and got into 4 groups.We got given items, tools and many other stuff that needed to be used for what we were building.For my reason about building trolleys was that we were using our teamwork skills and working togther and it was also hard because there was no instructions but only a picture for us to look at and see were does the tools or itmes goes.

What I thought about this trip was it was really amazing to learn about the 1800s and also getting more and more information about back then.What I thought about this task was that it was cool to talk about were we went and what we have been doing lately.

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