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C.A.R.E Values for Panmure Bridge School

The care values shows what you do for PBS and there are 4 values.

First I worte on a piece of paper, I wrote the 4 values on it and had to explain what it means e.g C Stands for confidence, that means speaking up to the teacher and maybe presenting to the class. And asking for help if your not sure.

Next I wrote the next care value: A stands for attitude, that means doing well in learning and showing respect as well for respect and doing what the teacher assigns you to. Attitude can be shown in your house or anywhere your at by listening to your parents

After I wrote what attitude shows.

Confidence shows that you can “participate, do presentations, speech’s and shows that your brave”.

Attitude shows that you can “listen, do what’s expected of”.

Respect shows that you can “pick up rubbish even if it’s not your rubbish, put your rubbish in the bin, listen to the speakers”.

Excellence shows that you can “do your work/get your work finished on time, do what the teacher is telling you to do”.