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Information Report: Bengal Swamp Tigers – Lisea and Daeyna

We used our smart searching skills to find facts about the Bengal Swamp Tiger. Once we had found the information we needed we made notes in our own words. We used these notes to help us write our information reports. Information reports give readers with information on a chosen topic by providing them with facts.

LI: to write an information report that informs the reader about the Swamp Tiger.

Not many people know that swamp tigers are nocturnal hunters. Swamp tigers, (also known as panthera tigris tigris) are glamorous animals, regardless of their beauty they are vicious beasts that are slowly coming to extinction. These tigers can be found in the mangrove forests of Sundarbans, which is in-between India and bangladesh.

Swamp tigers have an orange coat and black stripes all around their body to help them camouflage with their surroundings. These creatures have a beastly jaw and muscular bodies. They use their enormous and retractable claws to easily take out their prey. Also did you know that they weigh about 453.592kgs?

Bengal tigers are carnivorous animals (only eats meat) they can eat, and kill everything starting from tiny crabs, to human beings. These animals eat wild boars, deers, buffalos, monkeys, unlike other tigers they include marine life into their diet.

Are you aware only about 100 of the bengal swamp tigers remain today? Swamp tigers come from a continent in Asia, you will find that they live between the borderlines of India and bangladesh. They like humid places and live in mangroves forests.

Not many people know that they are unsocial animals, either way these tigers are very protective about their territory. As it says in the opening statement, they live in mangrove forests, because of this they can camouflage easily to hunt for their prey.

Not a lot of people are aware that these beautiful predator populations will decrease if we continue to expand cities.

Haiku Poem

In the a Haiku poem there are 7 syllables, 10 syllables. Syllables are chunks of a word, For my haiku poem I did one about Maui and the sun, my poem was

The sun moved quickly
Maui had an idea
To capture the sun

He woke up early
Maui tried his best to throw
Maui brought the sun

Searching for the Ra
They came across a large whole
They hid and waited

He used up his strength
And slowly woke up the sun
Pulling it closer

He found companions
And started to hit the Ra
Slowly and slowly

I liked this task because my partner made it more interesting and fun.

A Moment in Time

LI: To write and describe a moment in time

Panmure Bridge School got to walk up Maungarei (Mt. Wellington). When we came back from our walk, we created a poem about what we felt and what our ancestors felt like on Maungarei. We first came up with words that described what we heard, saw, felt, and what we wondered. When we came up with all the words for our poems we used wordhippo to change some words to level up our writing.

I found this task fun because I got to find new words to level up my writing.

Polar Bear Moment in time Poem

LI: To write a poem that describes a moment in time.

This week we wrote moment in time poems. We first watched a video of a man getting attacked by a polar bear. But thankfully he was in his protective cage and no harm was caused. We wrote a poem using the 5 senses, and wrote about how we would feel or what we would see, if we were the man in the video.

This activity was interesting because we used interesting vocabulary using wordhippo.

Explanation Writing: Lisea and Keira

LI: To understand the structure and language features in an explanation

How did Goldilocks upset the Bear family?

To upset somebody is making them feel bad, disappointed, and worried. In the fairytale/story Goldilocks makes bad decisions and ends up upsetting the Bear family in different ways. Have you ever felt upset in any way?

Goldilocks was curious, with this in mind she entered the strange house cautiously.

While trespassing, Goldilocks smelt the exquisite smell of porridge so she tried them all, as a result for the last one being just right she gobbled it all up.

After filling her stomach Goldilocks was exhausted so she felt the need to sit down. As she tried to sit on all the chairs with the last one being comfortable it broke underneath her, as her fall being rough she hurt herself in the process so she wandered off for a place to rest in mind.

As she stumbled upon 3 beds she yawned and tried to fall asleep in the first bed, but it was too hard. As she tried the next bed she sunk right in, it was too soft. As she was now giving up all hope she tried the last one being just right for her, as the bed was as comfortable as it was, she dozed off.

The Bear family returned home soon after and when they saw their home looking horrendous and their furniture in pieces they were furious. When they walked into their bedroom Baby Bear was angry to see a little girl in his bed, once Goldilocks woke up the Bear family scared her and she ran terrified with never going back to the forest in mind.

The impact of what you do could affect others in many ways. As Goldilocks did not intend to try and upset anybody, the consequence of her actions made other people angry, and could have put herself in great danger. 

To help us understand how to write an explanation we looked at the purpose, the structure (what it looks like) and the language features. An explanataion tells us how or why something is the way it is. To help us understand this we learnt about cause and effect. Cause and effect is an action and a reaction. We used the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to help us understand this. Here is our explanation that describes how Goldilocks upset the Bear family.

This activity was fun because we explored the explanation structure and the story.

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