School Lunches : Manaiakalani Film Festival

This year LS2’s film is based on the school lunches we receive, and how eating them can have a positive effect towards our academic performance.  A special thank you to our cast and crew for their efforts in creating our film.  We hope you enjoy!

11 thoughts on “School Lunches : Manaiakalani Film Festival

  1. Hey LS2 Panmure bridge school. It’s fantastic seeing your students looking at the school lunches and leaving positive comments about them. School lunches can sometimes be a pain to people/students. I loved how you students each described why or why not you like the school lunches.

    Ka kite – Swaimah

  2. hi ls2 panmure school my name is Alarmanda and i am from pt england school and i like your movie about the school food and i think that the school is good as will

  3. Kia ora LS 2

    We liked your movie because it teaches us that if we eat our school lunch we will have energy to learn and play. It reminded us that our brain needs food to function properly. We are going to try to always eat our school lunch because we want to be good at playing basketball and doing our reading and maths at school.

    From Room 3

  4. kia ora LS2.
    i like the movie you made because it shows us to be greatful for the food you get.The thing i want you to improve of is the music because it would of been beter but it was still good it would also be good if there were people chering him on.
    From: Angelo

  5. I really liked this movie about school food and why we should eat them.and i think it is very important to eat your school lunch

    good job LS2

  6. Kia Ora.
    LS2 My name is Kawsar from room 5.
    I love the efforts you guys put in the video the video was fantastic especially when you said all those thing’s about our school lunches.The acting was so good especially when my brother was like the teacher and said *riley can I talk to you for a bit* anyways keep up ther hard work and fantastic.

  7. Talofa lava my name is Margret i am from pt England school my favourite part of the movie was when the boy ate his Lunch and he felt good after that.

  8. Hello I am Jenesis and I really like your video! You showed that when things get tough you can get back up and sometime it will get better, but the part that I like about the movie was when the jandal goes back to Ahea’s face! 😀
    You could make the movie better by using more confidence and having more confident voices cause they don’t sound as confident as they should be if they really believe in PERSEVERANCE!

  9. Hello I am Junior from pt England school.

    I really like how this movie is about why you need to be eating to be energised and prepared for other things like exams or sports. People know that when you’re eating you can get more energy, strength and more power to continue daily things. I really like how your movie shows confidence and eating to gain energy. Also, keep up the awesome work!

  10. Hi my name is Aliyah from Otahuhu Primary school.
    I love how you made your movie. It is very entertaining. Is there going to be a part2

  11. hi this is ayushi from kedgley intermediate
    i loved how you did the school luch and whats ur fav lunch?

    kind regards from Ayushi

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